How does the transaction work after I place a deposit?

Once you place the nonrefundable deposit, we are instantly notified and the property is marked “out of stock” automatically. Within 24 hours, we will send a purchase agreement and related documents to the email you provided for your signature. If you wish to close through a title company, this expense is covered by you unless otherwise discussed. If you are paying in full and closing through JM Land Sales, acceptable forms of payment are cashier’s checks, wires, credit/debit cards and ACH. If you are having JM Land Sales finance the property, the only acceptable forms of payment are credit/debit card and ACH. PLEASE NOTE: when closing through JM Land Sales, there is a $100 document fee in addition to the property price. This $100 fee covers  everything needed to get the property into your name including: creation of the deed and other county required documents, shipping fees, and county recording fees.

Why are your properties so inexpensive?

Our company reviews dozens of properties for every one we buy. We are capable of doing this because of the unique forms of marketing we use to source high quality property at deeply discounted prices.

Can I visit the property before I purchase it?

Absolutely! Please CONTACT us if you plan to visit a property.

Is it safe to buy property on the internet?

Yes, as long as you trust who/where you are buying it from. puts customer satisfaction above everything else. We are a safe and secure full time real estate company. You can place a nonrefundable deposit to secure the property directly on our website. We use PayPal, a well known online payments processor to collect the deposit.

When can I start using the property after I buy it?

As soon as our company signs the deed to you and you receive the new deed or the county records the deed in your name.

How do I know the property information is correct?

Buyer beware – We strongly encourage all potential buyers to verify property details and do their own due diligence prior to purchasing. This information can easily be obtained from county offices such as the treasurer, clerk & recorder, building department/ code enforcer, assessor, etc. All the information we have on each property is in our listings. Please take the time to verify before purchasing.

I don’t see my question answered here?

We would love to hear from you and answer your questions. Find our contact information on the CONTACT page.